As a teacher, Ms. Vardi focuses on a holistic approach that deals not only with repertoire and technique, but with the physical, mental, and psychological aspects of study and performance, creating a highly beneficial experience for the student. Using a clarity and simplicity of expression along with boundless enthusiasm and a non-judgmental approach, her problemsolving abilities go to the root of encountered difficulties, leading to permanent solutions while coaching the player in the art of practicing and self-instruction. The composer’s historical background, harmonic structure and theory, and musical style and history are emphasized and explored in the lessons, while an environment that allows for the full artistic expression of the performer is fostered creating confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

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In addition to her musical talent, Ms. Vardi was a talented dancer, and as the daughter of a professional dancer, was able to explore ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance. Because of her dance experience, she is able to impart a unique knowledge of movement and the human body to her students. In her approach to teaching, Ms. Vardi makes every effort to uncover, nurture, and develop a string player’s unique musical, technical, and artistic abilities providing a sound musical education that is personally geared to the individual.

“My primary goal in the lesson is the construction of a firm technical and musical foundation in an atmosphere that fosters and inspires the joy of playing, a deep love of music, and a sense of accomplishment with the final objective being the development of a poised and well-rounded musician and artist.”