"Lenore is an extraordinarily gifted artist and a wonderful human being...In my opinion, any student would be most fortunate to study with her in private lessons, classes or lectures."

Dr. Fredrick Zlotkin Solo Cellist New York City Ballet Faculty Manhattan School of Music

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"Lenore is an extraordinary musician of the highest quality and has all the attributes of a fine teacher. She is equally comfortable playing and teaching the violin and viola, is extremely competent, knowledgeable and through and has an infectious enthusiasm which inspires her students. I highly recommend her as both a performer and teacher at any level."

Mary Helton Director Hoff- Barthelson Music School Scarsdale, NY

"Lenore is one of the finest talents I have had the pleasure of working with. She is the single person with whom I have worked in recent years who possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the art of violin playing."

Emanuel Vardi World Renowned Viola Virtuoso and Pedagogue